I have been a chronic insomniac all my life.  Insomnia is a terrible affliction that leaves your immune system in shambles.  The damages to our bodies are immense.

Over the years, I have learned what sleep aids work and which ones do not.  The product reviews you see here can help you get a good nights sleep.  Stay away from prescription sleep aids if at all possible.  If you do have to use them, do not use them over seven days.

Your body gets addicted to prescription drugs and actually can do more harm than good.

It is much better to use natural herbal products if at all possible.

You should also rotate your natural sleep aid products every month.  Find three that work well for you and switch them out every month.  This will keep your body from getting used to one particular product.

I have used this method for many years now.

Look for many other reviews here soon.

The Silver Surfer